Completely agree with thomas sabo uk discount you - this one definitely goes on my Pandora pavé tick list! :P Thank you, the Rose bracelet is also my favourite and is how I'll actually be wearing the Swan! The murano on it was from Spring 2015 and is called the Wild Flowers murano. It's really beautiful, although the different examples of it vary a lot and it's worth picking out the one you like best in person.Aha! You're so cruel to that poor Duckling! I love love love grumpy cat and was waiting for these beads for months! The ohm beads collection is quirky and interesting, and I am definitely keeping my eye on it for future releases. I wasn't initially planning to participate in this promo since I had purchased some charms from the previous Pandora sale and from Rue la la. SA transferred all charms to two tone bracelet with Heart & Crown safety chain on, it is beautiful! I usually put 2 to 4 charms with a dangle in between clips on bracelet/bangle so I don't need to spend for safety chain. The Happy Together button looks nice but I would have preferred a dangle to add to my Tai Chi theme bracelet. Wouldn't hurt for them to do charms for the deluxe resorts either. I've not seen any sign of them in Australia/New Zealand or Asian regions yet, however. Before I got into Pandora, I only ever wore them occasionally, as I found they got in the way - I usually went for lots of bracelets and pretty earrings.

I love the cute Christmas charms! I had a look last week in store, and didn't mean to buy anything yet but I came away with Mrs Claus! She has beautiful detailing, but also she reminds me of my lovely mother who adored Christmas and usually wore her hair up like the charm. I also like that the piggy bank, koala and kangaroo will be available in NA. I now have several bracelets with every other charm a dangle. Pandora is really popular here in the UK, but the number of tarnished and dirty bracelets I see is unbelievable! I think a lot of people just never take theirs off, or that they leave to tarnish when they're not wearing them. It gives it a rather pretty fairy-dust quality which seem wholly appropriate for this coach. Like all the limited edition Black Friday releases (with the exception of the 2012 red present bead), the charm has the date engraved on it for extra collectability! thomas sabo delivery uk It is silicone-lined like an Essence charm. *UPDATED* Live ShotsAlthough I haven't managed to see the Valentine's Day collection in person yet, a lovely reader has sent me some of her own live shots, which give us wonderful close-ups of some of the new pieces.

They all get worn pretty regularly anyway! Also, if you'd like to use these images, it would be wonderful if you could credit the blog. Hey Judie, yes it does look quite different in the live shots doesn't it? Quite a lot cooler in tone and not quite so vibrant. I'm still looking forward to seeing it in person though; the lighting of the pictures might not be very flattering!The Pandora stackers boxes really are beautiful, but are sadly quite hard to get hold of The jewellery boxes by Stackers make a great alternative if you can't find one of the official Pandora boxes though! Here we have the new Always in my Heart bangle, with its pavé heart clasp. It's worth noting that the Coach is quite wide, and looks a little chunky when viewed from sideways on.When you compare this new Disney version with the original Pandora two-tone carriage, which was released back in 2011, you can appreciate the development in Pandora's style over the years.The Disney Coach is larger and more intricate, with a very delicate feel to it; however, there is nevertheless something very charming about the Pandora original. Hope you are able to enjoy your new charms soon! I think I have pandora-itis and it seems to be thomas sabo disney uk fairly easy to catch. I did like the Amo Te heart a lot from the live images I saw, but I"m really looking forward to seeing it for myself in person! The fact that you have a grumpy cat Christmas bracelet is so awesome, aha. Thanks for being my first commenter! And thank you for that info, too.

I live in Chicago and I noticed online they are starting to put some state charms for sale on the website. The date on this charm is very small and hard to see, which I think pleases both those who wanted the date included and those who didn't. I think this promo is way better than the free bracelet promotion! I don't really care for Pandora's bracelets (I like trollbeads' or Ohmbeads' much more), and the discount allows for more freedom than the free charm, where you had to buy $100 of charms and find a $65 charm to get the best discount.Plus, if really someone wanted to get one of the new bracelets, you could buy a bracelet and $85 worth of charms and get the discount Was that a reasonable deal for that charm? Also can you tell me a little about it and what kind of box was in it originally. The little sparkling daisy looks really sweet and not at all blingy when contrasted with the white daisy and pink cherry blossom. Pandora do so many of these nowadays, but this is our first floral bracelet.Next up, we have some more generic decorative charms, including the Insignia safety chain and clip, which are silicone lined. Pandora have been showcasing the brightly coloured Radiant Droplets beads all together on one colourful bangle design, which is rather fun - but I'd be tempted to put them with more sympathetic colour schemes. The lilac shade is particularly pretty (it looks amazing in the campaign shot at the top! Good thomas sabo earrings uk sale news for fans in the UK - Pandora are offering their new Stackers-esque jewellery boxes as their latest GWP (gift with purchase). Putting together the live images for the post this morning made me want even more - the Dazzling Daisy Meadow pink bead bead look gorgeous, as did the Magnolias - but I'm sticking to my list! The eye watering UK RRPs are helping me stick to my resolutions, too.