Be/store/en/product/Pandora-Rings-Silver-190982NAB/3245So you could swarovski optik try ordering from there? The only thing I dislike is the fact that they aren't natural stones! I intend to put her on my blue starry theme bracelet with most of 2014 cosmic pieces, mickey mouse sorceror, fantasia charm and last year blue iridescent murano. They remind me of Disney tsum tsums in style - very ‘kawaii' (cute! Finally, this last styling is a bit more minimal and less ‘full-on’ festive. It’s based on the following campaign image from Pandora themselves, which really caught my eye.Image by PandoraI just love the simplicity of it, which allows you to indulge in a silly Christmassy bead and yet dress it up for something a bit more stylish. I didn’t have the clear pave lights charms, so I opted for some the BF 2013 Let it Snow and openwork Galaxy beads, which seem to be seasonally appropriate anyway! And I love looking at you previews so I can't plan what to buy next. I can't speak for Canada but all of the Disney Princess crowns are retiring here in the USA. In fact most of them if not all are no longer available on the Pandora website. I scored one off of eBay and I just tracked my shipping so it looks like I may get it today. I got the jasmine crown, I'm excited. It will be my first disney princess crown. Hopefully you can score the ones you want too. They are so cute. I want cinderella next. However, despite the fact that there are no original new gold designs, I think these are good choices - they are pretty and contemporary, offering some of Pandora's most popular designs in 14kt gold for the first time.

I completely agree with you, and wouldn't the silicone spacers be fantastic for bangles and leather bracelets as well? Especially if they do the silicone stoppers in a range of styles. My first features a variation on my favourite delicate pave design, which offsets pretty whites and pastels against the darker oxidised chain. You can also really appreciate how tiny the Coffee Pot is from these styling pictures, though! The previous Australia charm was not available in the US and Canada, and I suspect the same will be true for this one. I picked up a few Disney things - Bambi and Jasmine’s dress and shoe - since they are never included in the promos. Kleio, I don't know if there is a dangle version of that adorable fish, but I can make out in one of Urban Diva's photos that the one button-style charm (I know these are not popular with everyone) with the turquoise enamel does indeed contain that same fish (with some additional pave details on the charm). I'm trying to figure out what is on the the button-style charm that appears to have some turquoise and pink pave. I'm thinking it could swarovski crystal necklace be two palm trees and a flamingo? Yes, it's surprising that Aurora hasn't made an appearance yet, as I always thought she was one of the most popular Disney princesses. The pearrrrrrr I hope it will be available in NA soon. Looking forward to seeing what there going to release in these collections.

As for the charm next to the watermelon slice, it looks like another bird from what I see. This one would be great with the Dice charm - I think it would be cool if they did some more openwork designs like the other suits! Yeah, I have seen them! They are fun, although the regular dice is available as normal in other countries. I will probly do the Christmas ornament promo, my mum a Pandora fan so I will get her Xmas present then some of the Xmas beads for me. The club charm is very nice because it's very sparkly with the small shiny hearts. Very different from pandora's other hearts, really.The girl in the pandora concept store also commented on the pink flecks in the frosty mint murano. I don't see them in mine. I do sometimes see pale teal flecks, but the light has to be just right and they may actually be a reflection of the teal beads nearby on my bracelet. Truthfully, the bead is just white with shiny flecks in it, I think, but it's still really pretty.Lisa I love the essence beads even more than I did before. V. excited to get them. I also love the fairytale treasure and the cerise bead.Seeing the live shots, I am losing interest in the blue winter beads. They are the same but not as nice as last year's winter blues. And I don't need any more of the same...I do like the blue murano though. Perhaps I will change my mind when I see them. The essence are great though. And I would have to see the disney beads in person before deciding. Ooooh! Bags are normally not my thing because, at some point, they must be cleared out and that ususally breaks my heart but this one is one of the prettiest they´ve brougt out!! Do you know if there will be another jewelry box promo? There is usually one for Mother´s Day.By the way,in Spain we celebrate Mother´s Day on the first Sunday of May, so I guess I will have gathered enough info from you all by thenThank you swarovski crystal bracelet for yet another update, especially now that you are so busy! Some may love this, but it does seem a shame to limit what would have been a generically pretty design with a rather specific message. Image by mrugaczek1Image by ewawojciechowskaplWe get another shot at the Rose pieces here, but also a look at what looks to be another special clasp bangle. Perhaps the LE Winter bangle for this year? It's hard to tell the design, although it looks snowflakey or frosty.Image by magazyngalaAgain, I can't quite tell whether this next bracelet is rose gold, or yellow gold!

Then for the fantasy animals and beasts they meet you could do the retired Dragon, the Unicorn pendant and maybe the silver snake to represent the basilisk? One of the pavé starry clips seems like a must, too. A friend who's come back from Malaysia paid to me the star safety chain who is gorgeous on my christmas bracelet. I absolutely love the blue bracelet. I am in love with it. I bought the two teal clips to go with the Elsa Murano and the Ariel Seashells. What a beautiful combination. Also have the starfish to go with it.It looks absolutely gorgeous. Would love to send you the pic of it.I also have the pink leather bracelet the darker 9ne and it looks so nice with the flower garden nurano and the honeysuckle clips.Would live to hear your comments.Laura Pandora/en/charms/love-liverpool-pendant-charm/ENG792017CZ-7. Image by cosmopolitanhkWhile the details are hard to make out in this picture, the shot of the new floral murano on the right reveals the depth of its detailing, hinting at some beautiful swirls of colour. I talked directly to Pandora and their reasoning is that the necklace has the marks on the little hangtag and must be sold with the pendant, so that's good enough. I got the bow bangle about last month and went to put the old bow charm on but the charm wouldn't screw on for some reason. Here in Singapore, Pandora is swarovski crystal earrings starting to charge a nominal sum if we want to get our bracelets/charms cleaned. Prices are not very friendly, something along the line of S$30 for one bracelet + 10-20 charms. That translates to somewhere around GBP12-13. And this is only for silver bracelet. For 14k gold or rose gold, price can double.That's why I am now looking around how I can clean them myself.