I have been wearing pandora rings sale the green leather bracelet ever since I bought it. One of my favourite combinations is the bracelet with the green petite facets charm, the white primrose meadow charm and the galaxy openwork. I also love the pink petite facets on it. I only own one gold charm (I can't afford more), and it looks really good. When I was in the pandora store recently I tried two of the sparkling leaves clips on the bracelet (as I am looking at getting new clips) and it worked well. Thanks for all your beautiful photos! Thanks so much, I'm glad to hear you enjoy them! While Pandora isn't moving away from threaded cores completely, they are definitely doing more openwork designs and pavé lately. Any charm that features a lot of pavé in it (like the Graduate Owl) tends to be unthreaded, so as to make room for the stone settings. This makes them feel a lot lighter and less substantial - I was quite surprised by how light the Graduate Owl is in person, as well. I hope that helps - and enjoy your new charm! I know, I'm not madly keen on the Vintage Allure bead (it just reminds me of the older Vintage Allure, with the green spinel and gold, which I love) so I won't be springing for the bracelet set this year. It's a shame as the box is really gorgeous! I hope you find oneI'm surprised to hear that you're not at all tempted by the new collection! But all the more room to save for some things from next year's collections, nevertheless! Stores usually start offering this around the launch of the Winter collection, but some wait until nearer to Christmas. What do you think of this year's winter collection? Are any of these going on your wish list? There's not a lot going on this month in terms of actual release and promotions and, as a result, I'll also be covering my thoughts on the new Summer releases for both the Moments and the Essence collections. The clear pavé still provides plenty of sparkle, and the gold snowflake adds a lot of richness. The rest of us will have to wait until the 2nd of June. As I've said, I'm eager to see the Autumn 2014 collections in person, particularly the new Essence pieces.

First I saw the Reindeer, I would to have it, but know I think it's a little childish, I will have preferred more realistic. I have this problem whenever i go into the Pandora store. Im told it is contagious haha. I am already bankrupt just looking at all of Ellies pictures. Yes i too like to spread all my bracelets and charms out and dream of new designs. My husband cant figure out why i have no time for anything but then he sees me with all my "toys" spread out around me and just shakes his head. I guess its a girl thing. Have a great day Carla. Nice talking to another addict Additionally, there are two versions of this charm that I know of. Every year Pandora discontinues some of its less popular designs to make way for new ones; some of these designs eventually become hard to find, although this is more unusual these days as Pandora tends to make very design in quite large quantities.This is the North American list and consequently not all of these beads are necessarily retired from production, as some of them are not yet discontinued in other regions - e.g. the Big Ben dangle in the UK is still a good seller! For more details and chit chat about the charm itself, please see my original preview here. The price point, while quite high for some pieces, is still much more affordable than solid gold - exactly how much value for money you are getting will depend on how well the finish lasts.I think the bumblebee motif was a very good choice; it embodies the good points of Shine, offering contemporary and cute designs that work well in gold but that are maybe not classic enough to merit the price point of 14kt gold. I connect them together and they wrap around my wrist pandora australia sale 5 times. The diamonds in the Club charms are always small, but they're a really nice touch.

That's a nice mix of charms on your wish list! The bow bangle and reindeer will be coming home with me as well, eventually. Aha! Not quite! Mickey is not my favourite Disney character either, but I do love Minnie's bows and the Sorcerer's Hat/Fantasia charms are rather pretty too. I love Pandora's enamel charms too - while I am often a little ambivalent about the sparkly pavé pieces, I have nothing against their enamelwork! The Orchid and the London Guard are two of my favourites from this year's collections!Thank you Chrysa! I took a super quick shot of them together as I've been really busy - sorry! It's not great at all but I hope this gives you some idea. Haha! Wow! Lucky Americans and Canadians to enjoy so many promotions! I don't fancy rings yet but I do like the white daisy rings) hahaha! Methinks the purple CZ ring suits you! xoxo) I tend to go for about five as my absolute maximum, as I am very conscious of the fact that the leathers are more prone to breaking than their silver equivalents. Fun, thanks for sharing these Ellie! Out of all of them I like Maximus (I don't even know the Tangled movie, I just think it's such a cute horse!) and Pooh (I'm not particularly into Pooh but this charm is just too cute!). I never did care for the enamel dress line, but they look nicely done for those that collect them. Not too surprised about the crowns not continuing, I think maybe they ran out of ideas of how to differentiate each character, and how many crowns do people really need? I think it's a great idea - it certainly is a nice little reward for all the dedicated Pandora collectors. They're also hinting that this could be the first of many; this might become a regular special release for us Club members in the future.Ellie I would LOVE to have the vintage heart charm with th porcelain box. The bangle is another must! I love to buy LE pieces. I also love the special boxes❤️ It's a great design!Yeah, I'm most excited for Maximus this year pandora leather bracelet I need a little bit of Tangled in my Pandora collection! I don't absolutely need anything from this selection.

My favourites from the Pandora Winter 2014 collection are the beautiful starry pieces - particularly the stunning Galaxy openworks - but the vibrant enamel Christmas charms provide an undeniably cute contrast. They do look wonderfully festive, even if I'm not sure I could make them work with my own collection.Are you looking forward to this collection? Will you be getting any of these pieces? Today's post sees the next of my reviews of the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection, with a showcase of the Japanese Doll charm! I went to my local store today and all the pre-autumn release was for sale! I did not buy any from the collection, but I did contemplate the camera. Once again, the release dates for these various charms have been staggered and there are also regional restrictions. It also comes with a special limited edition box, although this one is a little different to the small circular cream boxes we've seen in the past. I'll be picking mine out in person though, just in case! And yay, another person who's found the I to Travel suitcase! It's so cute, and that little red enamel heart makes it a little bit prettier than the regular suitcase for me. And a Thomas Sabo too, haha! How are you liking it compared to the Essence? The Black Friday bead was a nice surprise! I got a few things too - some muranos, the London Calling box among others. My only reservation is that it's such a shame that pandora online you can't see how beautiful a design it is when it is shut.