It's funny, pandora pearl ring I loved Disney films when I was younger but I've never seen Fantasia! I'm now feeling like this is something I should fix, haha. But I don't really have too much of a place in my collection for really beachy pieces. I'd change the stock image if I were them, I don't think it will sell them very many. My Autumn must haves continue to grow after seeing the HQ image i'm bummed. Lovely to hear from you, so glad to hear that you enjoy the posts The Frosted Mint murano is top of my wish list for Summer now - I completely fell in love with it in the store! Thanks for sharing about yours. There was definitely green/pink shimmer in the two I saw in store, so I will pick mine out in person to make sure I get two like that. City that does not have a Pandora Store (although she can shop at Pandora Authorized Retailers), would have to travel 6 hours to the nearest Pandora store (in a different state mind you) to partake on this discount. And we didn't even have a promo on! I can only imagine it'll get worse in the run up to Christmas. Here is a great example of identifying a fake by looking at the closer details. A reader sent me a picture of her Beaded Beauty spacer charm, which she had concerns about. We quickly identified it as fake.Fake Beaded Beauty spacerCompare it to these two genuine shots of the charm, from retailers John Greed and Gilletts: I do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible, however!

I too have cobbled together a Halloween bracelet on the black leather. I'm going to get down to thinking up some new designs when everything arrives! Which will hopefully be soon. And with gold, I like dark blue and emerald green (September and May) as well as white. The Pink Pavé Heart is a pretty soft pink, and is one of my favourite pieces from the new collection. Individually it will be £55, but it probably won't be available on its own for purchase until later (a marketing ploy very popular with Pandora UK).Other JewelleryThe Rose Garden collection has complementary earrings and a ring. The earrings will be £40.The ring pandora daisy ring will cost £45.Live ShotsIn the run-up to the release, Pandora Newcastle have released some live images of bracelet designs featuring the new collection! It’s a wonderful charm, and so reasonably priced. I would love to get the dragon and phoenix one for my sister-in-law to be as a wedding gift for their coming big day. I'm afraid that Essence charms don't fit the Moments bracelets, so this safety chain will be the same. It would be nice to see both, really, as like you I really love the detail of classic Pandora charms.

I find this year's Pudsey Bear even cuter than last year's, and the use of enamel rather than coloured CZ for his bandanna is a choice I very much approve of. I'll probably wait until they give us a free bracelet, though, as the ones I've got are all full already so something will have to come off my red bracelet to make room so I'll need a new bracelet ;-). And here it is with my original Essence bracelet, which just has four beads from the original Essence collection on it. That sounds lovely! A favourite Easter combination of mine I saw years ago combined all of the pastel candy-stripe muranos and that looked so pretty - it would be nice to be pandora rose ring able to do something similar with the new beads as well. I got the B& TB bangle and a threadless bracelet as my freebies. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about this one, and it's very similar to the Family Ties safety chain; nevertheless it's a sweet variation on the design and it's (relatively) affordable at $40 USD. I am not part of Borderfree as a lovely friend in the US forwards my mail on to me, but that's interesting! I wasn't aware of that. Mrs Claus is a great example of this, as is the Disney Eeyore or the Christmas Puppy or the Pre-Autumn koala bear.

Absolutely - while there is a little dash of pavé on it, it blends into the silver very nicely and the overall effect is similar to that of a plain silver charm to me as well. I love how detailed it is (for the size) and love that it's a locket! I might have to break down and get the pave clasp barrel bracelet gift set in a few months. Just an update for you regarding the Breast Cancer bracelet:It is running from 1st Oct - 31st Oct then won't be sold or stores will just sell out of stock (so people need to get in quick to us Aussies) whichever they choose. It is $99AUD and features the ribbon on BOTH sides of the clasp (so unusual! Normally Pandora do their signature on one side). Maybe that explains the price too :p The Rapunzel signature murano looks darker than I expected in these images, and the White Rabbit's coat is quite a deep red pandora diamond ring enamel:Image by magazine_p February in Pandora terms is primarily a waiting game, as we all get planning our wish lists ahead of the Spring 2016 collection launch in March! Great choice! I have both the teal facets and the Orchid too, as it happens, and I actually wear them together with the purple and multi-coloured sea glass charms. I didn't know they were an authorised stockist, thanks for answering!Their sale really is amazing, I'm sure you can get some really great deals using their domestic shipping, but unfortunately all the extra costs just make it too expensive for me (I can get the charms I want for the same price in my own country). I put one of the light green muranos, green looking glass on it for now. Pandora has a one year warranty in Canada for silver products.