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Thomas sabo disney uk

Completely agree with thomas sabo uk discount you - this one definitely goes on my Pandora pavé tick list! :P Thank you, the Rose bracelet is also my favourite and is how I'll actually be wearing the Swan! The murano on it was from Spring 2015 and is called the Wild Flowers murano. It's really beautiful, although the different examples of it vary a lot and it's worth picking out the one you like best in person.Aha! You're so cruel to that poor Duckling! I love love love grumpy cat and was waiting for these beads for months! The ohm beads collection is quirky and interesting, and I am definitely keeping my eye on it for future releases. I wasn't initially planning to participate in this promo since I had purchased some charms from the previous Pandora sale and from Rue la la. SA transferred all charms to two tone bracelet with Heart & Crown safety chain on, it is beautiful! I usually put 2 to 4 charms with a dangle in between clips on bracelet/bangle so I don't need to spend for safety chain. The Happy Together button looks nice but I would have preferred a dangle to add to my Tai Chi theme bracelet. Wouldn't hurt for them to do charms for the deluxe resorts either. I've not seen any sign of them in Australia/New Zealand or Asian regions yet, however. Before I got into Pandora, I only ever wore them occasionally, as I found they got in the way - I usually went for lots of bracelets and pretty earrings.

I love the cute Christmas charms! I had a look last week in store, and didn't mean to buy anything yet but I came away with Mrs Claus! She has beautiful detailing, but also she reminds me of my lovely mother who adored Christmas and usually wore her hair up like the charm. I also like that the piggy bank, koala and kangaroo will be available in NA. I now have several bracelets with every other charm a dangle. Pandora is really popular here in the UK, but the number of tarnished and dirty bracelets I see is unbelievable! I think a lot of people just never take theirs off, or that they leave to tarnish when they're not wearing them. It gives it a rather pretty fairy-dust quality which seem wholly appropriate for this coach. Like all the limited edition Black Friday releases (with the exception of the 2012 red present bead), the charm has the date engraved on it for extra collectability! thomas sabo delivery uk It is silicone-lined like an Essence charm. *UPDATED* Live ShotsAlthough I haven't managed to see the Valentine's Day collection in person yet, a lovely reader has sent me some of her own live shots, which give us wonderful close-ups of some of the new pieces.

They all get worn pretty regularly anyway! Also, if you'd like to use these images, it would be wonderful if you could credit the blog. Hey Judie, yes it does look quite different in the live shots doesn't it? Quite a lot cooler in tone and not quite so vibrant. I'm still looking forward to seeing it in person though; the lighting of the pictures might not be very flattering!The Pandora stackers boxes really are beautiful, but are sadly quite hard to get hold of The jewellery boxes by Stackers make a great alternative if you can't find one of the official Pandora boxes though! Here we have the new Always in my Heart bangle, with its pavé heart clasp. It's worth noting that the Coach is quite wide, and looks a little chunky when viewed from sideways on.When you compare this new Disney version with the original Pandora two-tone carriage, which was released back in 2011, you can appreciate the development in Pandora's style over the years.The Disney Coach is larger and more intricate, with a very delicate feel to it; however, there is nevertheless something very charming about the Pandora original. Hope you are able to enjoy your new charms soon! I think I have pandora-itis and it seems to be thomas sabo disney uk fairly easy to catch. I did like the Amo Te heart a lot from the live images I saw, but I"m really looking forward to seeing it for myself in person! The fact that you have a grumpy cat Christmas bracelet is so awesome, aha. Thanks for being my first commenter! And thank you for that info, too.

I live in Chicago and I noticed online they are starting to put some state charms for sale on the website. The date on this charm is very small and hard to see, which I think pleases both those who wanted the date included and those who didn't. I think this promo is way better than the free bracelet promotion! I don't really care for Pandora's bracelets (I like trollbeads' or Ohmbeads' much more), and the discount allows for more freedom than the free charm, where you had to buy $100 of charms and find a $65 charm to get the best discount.Plus, if really someone wanted to get one of the new bracelets, you could buy a bracelet and $85 worth of charms and get the discount Was that a reasonable deal for that charm? Also can you tell me a little about it and what kind of box was in it originally. The little sparkling daisy looks really sweet and not at all blingy when contrasted with the white daisy and pink cherry blossom. Pandora do so many of these nowadays, but this is our first floral bracelet.Next up, we have some more generic decorative charms, including the Insignia safety chain and clip, which are silicone lined. Pandora have been showcasing the brightly coloured Radiant Droplets beads all together on one colourful bangle design, which is rather fun - but I'd be tempted to put them with more sympathetic colour schemes. The lilac shade is particularly pretty (it looks amazing in the campaign shot at the top! Good thomas sabo earrings uk sale news for fans in the UK - Pandora are offering their new Stackers-esque jewellery boxes as their latest GWP (gift with purchase). Putting together the live images for the post this morning made me want even more - the Dazzling Daisy Meadow pink bead bead look gorgeous, as did the Magnolias - but I'm sticking to my list! The eye watering UK RRPs are helping me stick to my resolutions, too.

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Swarovski crystal necklace

Be/store/en/product/Pandora-Rings-Silver-190982NAB/3245So you could swarovski optik try ordering from there? The only thing I dislike is the fact that they aren't natural stones! I intend to put her on my blue starry theme bracelet with most of 2014 cosmic pieces, mickey mouse sorceror, fantasia charm and last year blue iridescent murano. They remind me of Disney tsum tsums in style - very ‘kawaii' (cute! Finally, this last styling is a bit more minimal and less ‘full-on’ festive. It’s based on the following campaign image from Pandora themselves, which really caught my eye.Image by PandoraI just love the simplicity of it, which allows you to indulge in a silly Christmassy bead and yet dress it up for something a bit more stylish. I didn’t have the clear pave lights charms, so I opted for some the BF 2013 Let it Snow and openwork Galaxy beads, which seem to be seasonally appropriate anyway! And I love looking at you previews so I can't plan what to buy next. I can't speak for Canada but all of the Disney Princess crowns are retiring here in the USA. In fact most of them if not all are no longer available on the Pandora website. I scored one off of eBay and I just tracked my shipping so it looks like I may get it today. I got the jasmine crown, I'm excited. It will be my first disney princess crown. Hopefully you can score the ones you want too. They are so cute. I want cinderella next. However, despite the fact that there are no original new gold designs, I think these are good choices - they are pretty and contemporary, offering some of Pandora's most popular designs in 14kt gold for the first time.

I completely agree with you, and wouldn't the silicone spacers be fantastic for bangles and leather bracelets as well? Especially if they do the silicone stoppers in a range of styles. My first features a variation on my favourite delicate pave design, which offsets pretty whites and pastels against the darker oxidised chain. You can also really appreciate how tiny the Coffee Pot is from these styling pictures, though! The previous Australia charm was not available in the US and Canada, and I suspect the same will be true for this one. I picked up a few Disney things - Bambi and Jasmine’s dress and shoe - since they are never included in the promos. Kleio, I don't know if there is a dangle version of that adorable fish, but I can make out in one of Urban Diva's photos that the one button-style charm (I know these are not popular with everyone) with the turquoise enamel does indeed contain that same fish (with some additional pave details on the charm). I'm trying to figure out what is on the the button-style charm that appears to have some turquoise and pink pave. I'm thinking it could swarovski crystal necklace be two palm trees and a flamingo? Yes, it's surprising that Aurora hasn't made an appearance yet, as I always thought she was one of the most popular Disney princesses. The pearrrrrrr I hope it will be available in NA soon. Looking forward to seeing what there going to release in these collections.

As for the charm next to the watermelon slice, it looks like another bird from what I see. This one would be great with the Dice charm - I think it would be cool if they did some more openwork designs like the other suits! Yeah, I have seen them! They are fun, although the regular dice is available as normal in other countries. I will probly do the Christmas ornament promo, my mum a Pandora fan so I will get her Xmas present then some of the Xmas beads for me. The club charm is very nice because it's very sparkly with the small shiny hearts. Very different from pandora's other hearts, really.The girl in the pandora concept store also commented on the pink flecks in the frosty mint murano. I don't see them in mine. I do sometimes see pale teal flecks, but the light has to be just right and they may actually be a reflection of the teal beads nearby on my bracelet. Truthfully, the bead is just white with shiny flecks in it, I think, but it's still really pretty.Lisa I love the essence beads even more than I did before. V. excited to get them. I also love the fairytale treasure and the cerise bead.Seeing the live shots, I am losing interest in the blue winter beads. They are the same but not as nice as last year's winter blues. And I don't need any more of the same...I do like the blue murano though. Perhaps I will change my mind when I see them. The essence are great though. And I would have to see the disney beads in person before deciding. Ooooh! Bags are normally not my thing because, at some point, they must be cleared out and that ususally breaks my heart but this one is one of the prettiest they´ve brougt out!! Do you know if there will be another jewelry box promo? There is usually one for Mother´s Day.By the way,in Spain we celebrate Mother´s Day on the first Sunday of May, so I guess I will have gathered enough info from you all by thenThank you swarovski crystal bracelet for yet another update, especially now that you are so busy! Some may love this, but it does seem a shame to limit what would have been a generically pretty design with a rather specific message. Image by mrugaczek1Image by ewawojciechowskaplWe get another shot at the Rose pieces here, but also a look at what looks to be another special clasp bangle. Perhaps the LE Winter bangle for this year? It's hard to tell the design, although it looks snowflakey or frosty.Image by magazyngalaAgain, I can't quite tell whether this next bracelet is rose gold, or yellow gold!

Then for the fantasy animals and beasts they meet you could do the retired Dragon, the Unicorn pendant and maybe the silver snake to represent the basilisk? One of the pavé starry clips seems like a must, too. A friend who's come back from Malaysia paid to me the star safety chain who is gorgeous on my christmas bracelet. I absolutely love the blue bracelet. I am in love with it. I bought the two teal clips to go with the Elsa Murano and the Ariel Seashells. What a beautiful combination. Also have the starfish to go with it.It looks absolutely gorgeous. Would love to send you the pic of it.I also have the pink leather bracelet the darker 9ne and it looks so nice with the flower garden nurano and the honeysuckle clips.Would live to hear your comments.Laura Pandora/en/charms/love-liverpool-pendant-charm/ENG792017CZ-7. Image by cosmopolitanhkWhile the details are hard to make out in this picture, the shot of the new floral murano on the right reveals the depth of its detailing, hinting at some beautiful swirls of colour. I talked directly to Pandora and their reasoning is that the necklace has the marks on the little hangtag and must be sold with the pendant, so that's good enough. I got the bow bangle about last month and went to put the old bow charm on but the charm wouldn't screw on for some reason. Here in Singapore, Pandora is swarovski crystal earrings starting to charge a nominal sum if we want to get our bracelets/charms cleaned. Prices are not very friendly, something along the line of S$30 for one bracelet + 10-20 charms. That translates to somewhere around GBP12-13. And this is only for silver bracelet. For 14k gold or rose gold, price can double.That's why I am now looking around how I can clean them myself.

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Pandora sale the green leather bracelet

I have been wearing pandora rings sale the green leather bracelet ever since I bought it. One of my favourite combinations is the bracelet with the green petite facets charm, the white primrose meadow charm and the galaxy openwork. I also love the pink petite facets on it. I only own one gold charm (I can't afford more), and it looks really good. When I was in the pandora store recently I tried two of the sparkling leaves clips on the bracelet (as I am looking at getting new clips) and it worked well. Thanks for all your beautiful photos! Thanks so much, I'm glad to hear you enjoy them! While Pandora isn't moving away from threaded cores completely, they are definitely doing more openwork designs and pavé lately. Any charm that features a lot of pavé in it (like the Graduate Owl) tends to be unthreaded, so as to make room for the stone settings. This makes them feel a lot lighter and less substantial - I was quite surprised by how light the Graduate Owl is in person, as well. I hope that helps - and enjoy your new charm! I know, I'm not madly keen on the Vintage Allure bead (it just reminds me of the older Vintage Allure, with the green spinel and gold, which I love) so I won't be springing for the bracelet set this year. It's a shame as the box is really gorgeous! I hope you find oneI'm surprised to hear that you're not at all tempted by the new collection! But all the more room to save for some things from next year's collections, nevertheless! Stores usually start offering this around the launch of the Winter collection, but some wait until nearer to Christmas. What do you think of this year's winter collection? Are any of these going on your wish list? There's not a lot going on this month in terms of actual release and promotions and, as a result, I'll also be covering my thoughts on the new Summer releases for both the Moments and the Essence collections. The clear pavé still provides plenty of sparkle, and the gold snowflake adds a lot of richness. The rest of us will have to wait until the 2nd of June. As I've said, I'm eager to see the Autumn 2014 collections in person, particularly the new Essence pieces.

First I saw the Reindeer, I would to have it, but know I think it's a little childish, I will have preferred more realistic. I have this problem whenever i go into the Pandora store. Im told it is contagious haha. I am already bankrupt just looking at all of Ellies pictures. Yes i too like to spread all my bracelets and charms out and dream of new designs. My husband cant figure out why i have no time for anything but then he sees me with all my "toys" spread out around me and just shakes his head. I guess its a girl thing. Have a great day Carla. Nice talking to another addict Additionally, there are two versions of this charm that I know of. Every year Pandora discontinues some of its less popular designs to make way for new ones; some of these designs eventually become hard to find, although this is more unusual these days as Pandora tends to make very design in quite large quantities.This is the North American list and consequently not all of these beads are necessarily retired from production, as some of them are not yet discontinued in other regions - e.g. the Big Ben dangle in the UK is still a good seller! For more details and chit chat about the charm itself, please see my original preview here. The price point, while quite high for some pieces, is still much more affordable than solid gold - exactly how much value for money you are getting will depend on how well the finish lasts.I think the bumblebee motif was a very good choice; it embodies the good points of Shine, offering contemporary and cute designs that work well in gold but that are maybe not classic enough to merit the price point of 14kt gold. I connect them together and they wrap around my wrist pandora australia sale 5 times. The diamonds in the Club charms are always small, but they're a really nice touch.

That's a nice mix of charms on your wish list! The bow bangle and reindeer will be coming home with me as well, eventually. Aha! Not quite! Mickey is not my favourite Disney character either, but I do love Minnie's bows and the Sorcerer's Hat/Fantasia charms are rather pretty too. I love Pandora's enamel charms too - while I am often a little ambivalent about the sparkly pavé pieces, I have nothing against their enamelwork! The Orchid and the London Guard are two of my favourites from this year's collections!Thank you Chrysa! I took a super quick shot of them together as I've been really busy - sorry! It's not great at all but I hope this gives you some idea. Haha! Wow! Lucky Americans and Canadians to enjoy so many promotions! I don't fancy rings yet but I do like the white daisy rings) hahaha! Methinks the purple CZ ring suits you! xoxo) I tend to go for about five as my absolute maximum, as I am very conscious of the fact that the leathers are more prone to breaking than their silver equivalents. Fun, thanks for sharing these Ellie! Out of all of them I like Maximus (I don't even know the Tangled movie, I just think it's such a cute horse!) and Pooh (I'm not particularly into Pooh but this charm is just too cute!). I never did care for the enamel dress line, but they look nicely done for those that collect them. Not too surprised about the crowns not continuing, I think maybe they ran out of ideas of how to differentiate each character, and how many crowns do people really need? I think it's a great idea - it certainly is a nice little reward for all the dedicated Pandora collectors. They're also hinting that this could be the first of many; this might become a regular special release for us Club members in the future.Ellie I would LOVE to have the vintage heart charm with th porcelain box. The bangle is another must! I love to buy LE pieces. I also love the special boxes❤️ It's a great design!Yeah, I'm most excited for Maximus this year pandora leather bracelet I need a little bit of Tangled in my Pandora collection! I don't absolutely need anything from this selection.

My favourites from the Pandora Winter 2014 collection are the beautiful starry pieces - particularly the stunning Galaxy openworks - but the vibrant enamel Christmas charms provide an undeniably cute contrast. They do look wonderfully festive, even if I'm not sure I could make them work with my own collection.Are you looking forward to this collection? Will you be getting any of these pieces? Today's post sees the next of my reviews of the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection, with a showcase of the Japanese Doll charm! I went to my local store today and all the pre-autumn release was for sale! I did not buy any from the collection, but I did contemplate the camera. Once again, the release dates for these various charms have been staggered and there are also regional restrictions. It also comes with a special limited edition box, although this one is a little different to the small circular cream boxes we've seen in the past. I'll be picking mine out in person though, just in case! And yay, another person who's found the I to Travel suitcase! It's so cute, and that little red enamel heart makes it a little bit prettier than the regular suitcase for me. And a Thomas Sabo too, haha! How are you liking it compared to the Essence? The Black Friday bead was a nice surprise! I got a few things too - some muranos, the London Calling box among others. My only reservation is that it's such a shame that pandora online you can't see how beautiful a design it is when it is shut.

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Thomas sabo bracelet rose gold

For example, this thomas sabo bracelet pearl bracelet gift set is retailing for $1,499 HKD, down from $2,196 HKD:Finally, US shopping site Rue La La currently have a sale on with a lot of things on offer, which will be running for another four days or so! We spend a lot in Pandora Outlet store, my friend and me both like classic silver and two toned charm. I'm glad DISNEY is doing animal charms. but I think they should be finishing the princess charms too. I'd like to see a dark blue signature murano for Merida and maybe a charm with her on her horse. Maybe an Autumn leaf colored murano for Pocahontas, they could even have leaves in it. And how about Mulan and Tiana, hope they dont just leave them out. !! Thanks for the sneak peek! That's so adorable!! He is called the God of Fortune which brings wealth and good luck and we love him especially on Chinese New Year! (Which is also why he is carrying an ingot) with all these red and good luck symbols that pandora have came out I think I can finally convince my mom to have a Pandora! She's been rejecting me for the past years!! So excited for it to come out!!<3 Cindy! Can't wait to see your December line ups! I wear a leather bracelet and essence bracelet every day on my watch arm and wear my moments silver bracelets on my right arm. Maybe one of these years!The cleaning kit looks nice. It is super cute and I love the fact that it opens, but the “Home is where mum is” engraved message doesn’t work for me.

I'm just waiting on it to read more buyer comments. She was my first purchase from the collection too! I also don't mind the smaller beads, I just like the price point to reflect the size a little aha. The Arabian Coffee Pot is only 29 euros, which is perfect considering its size and all that amazing gorgeous detail!Your bracelet sounds delightful - and the red summer murano is the perfect festive bead, now that I think of it! Thanks for commenting Debbie Yeah, if I get Locked Hearts it will for sure be at promo time, I don't mind a pricier charm if I'm getting a free bracelet with it ;-)I love all the quirky character charms, I don't have the Viking but I always thought he was cute. Pandora Winter 2015 CharmsA chief proportion of the upcoming charms are decorative, with some icy blues and a lot of sparkle for the winter season.Of these, I like the deep pink Geometric Facets, which is made out of synthetic sapphire, although I can understand the disappointment of those who wanted a nice cherry red Facet for Christmas. The opalescent look of the Eternity spacer on the right is also rather pretty, and I'd like to see that one in person! I should have thomas sabo bracelet rose gold put a cat charm on my bracelet design to represent the Cheshire cat. Pandora has out done themselves with these clips. For the uninitiated, Rue La La is a US shopping website, which specialises in offering discounts from designer products. Oh, well, it's very nice to hear from someone who's whole-heartedly a fan of the new Pandora! Newer Pandora styles do tend to be a more streamlined and stylised, so I understand why you prefer it.

Once again, I'm afraid I only have details on US pricing as of now - this is, however, a global release. Here is a great example of identifying a fake by looking at the closer details. However when you put it on it looks totally different!. Sorry that was long as I have quite a healthy wish list this time around !! I am happy you want the owl and reading charm, however can you honestly say that's ALL you will end up with thanks again !!! If you want to go the eBay route, I'd recommend the seller b*jewell*d. It is an old bracelet and does have the threaded spacers on, but still not 100%Thanks This is the truth: Trollbeads thomas sabo bracelet engraved was founded in Denmark by Lise Aagaard and her brother and Pandora is founded by Per Enevoldsen and his wife. I keep thinking about buying a pandora essence bracelet, as they look nice and lightweight, which makes a change from the moments bracelet.

I love it paired with the blush murano, The sparkling crown GWP was attached to an insanely high spend and not within my budget either. PS A what point does one turn into a collector? Since reading your blog I have doubled my collection and yet 'my wishlist' is the same size (44) as 'my jewellery'! The collection will be available worldwide on the 4th of November. There's no doubt that there's a lot of chatter on blogs etc about the amount of pavé in their new collections, and I'm sure that they have noticed that long-time collectors aren't particularly pleased. Glad to hear you got your Opera Ball charm as well I’m planning on adding another dangle opposite it, to balance it out. An SA had it stacked with some other bracelets and leathers and it looked great worn like that!They seem to be mostly stopping the single leather bracelets, which is a shame - I prefer them to the doubles as well, especially when you want to wear charms on them. I see someone's been having fun photographing mouse bottoms, lol ;-). Ellie, the only place I have found the 2012 BF charm is on EBay. I hesitate thomas sabo bracelet uk to buy it that way but may not have a choice since it is getting so hard to find. And I was also thinking of getting that charm you mentioned from the Autumn 2016 collection. So that will be at least four gift boxes so far I want for my Christmas bracelet! I will add sparkle with the spacers and see how it looks. I am getting very excited about this bracelet!

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Pandora outlet birthstone rings

They were reduced to pandora outlet birthstone rings £15 each and I was thinking of how they were actual real stones and not just coloured cubic zirconium but it's a shame as they are being retired and how pretty they were and how just wearing one at a time on a bracelet would be really pretty and elegant. Nothing, absoultely nothing from the new collection is catching my eye. I ve been living in Belgium and We don't have, like you know the same collection, some of these pink muranos are really so beautiful. Wow another wonderful post ! My husband laughed at me when I squealed when I saw notification in my inbox. Featuring some cheerful rainbow colours, aquatic blues and adorable animals, this year's Spring collection moves away from the traditional florals and draws from a wider array of natural themes.The Pandora Spring 2018 collection is due out worldwide on the 15th of March; so you won't be able to buy any of the products featured here until then. Thank you all for your patience after the pictures on my initial preview posts got taken down; I'm so happy to be posting this article, I can't tell you! Absolutely, I completely agree with you! The limited edition aspect makes it really fun for collectors while generating a lot of extra donations for the charity. We should support our young kids not just girls but boys making them mindful and cognizant of their female counterpart. The Sparkling Ladybird also features those pinky stones, and is super cute as well.

It's lovely to hear from you! You picked very similar Christmas beads to me (as I got the older Candy Cane dangle earlier this year too!) - lovely choices! You could always get a bangle or perhaps a little leather bracelet to put the beads on to wear next year? ^^ You are very welcome, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy the blog Merry Christmas to you too! The Double Happiness is more contemporary in style. I love Pandora's use of enamel in general - when used right, it creates such a fun, quirky aesthetic. I have to say, didn't find the poetic blooms heart as engaging in person. The blush matches all the new other blush pieces and the olive only has spacers that are new. I don't really go in for Pandora earrings - I have quite long hair which I don't wear up too much, so my ears are often hidden. It features some cute hearts around the base too. pandora ringsted outlet The enamel Hearts bead looks nicer than I thought, but the murano is still the star for me!

Aha thanks Chrysa! It did go fine, thank you! I'm so happy to be done with it We already did our presentations a couple of months ago - on our course, they have you do it in the initial phases of the project so you can present your plan and get feedback. it was still rather nerve-wracking though haha.Thank you so much for the kind wishes Chrysa! It will be available from Disney Parks stores and the online Disney Vacation Club Member Marketplace, retailing for $60. But give them time! Thanks for commenting Lisa! All the examples I have seen in person and in live images have had beautiful cherry red berries, and not the burnt orange shown in the stock image; the green of the leaves is also generally much lighter. The Forest Fairy is lovely and proves that they still know how to create beautiful, solid silver designs - it would be great to see more of that! ^^ Cut-out dragonflies would be gorgeous. I think that any collection based on Disney is inevitably going to evoke its bright colours and youthful style - but some of the pieces here are more generic too, like the Frozen snowflakes or Ariel's shell! I much prefer this collection to last year's. Beautiful ornament November is plenty of time to save for it. I got my first essence bracelet and charm when the Autumn collection was released. I bought the appreciation charm from this collection. I'm waiting to see what they release next in the essence line, before I buy anymore. I like that there adding some different charms to the essence line.I'd like to see a review on Maximus please.I bet your collection has grown pandora uk outlet sale rings loads this year. You should do a new picture of all the collection, as it'd be great to see what it looks like now.Hope you have a fantastic new year Ellie.

It cost $150 so if I get that I could get a second bracelet free since I spent the 100 or more? Not a bad idea seeing how it is my first Pandora. There's no need to fill up the full bracelet D and it looks gorgeous filled or not! I'm super excited too, it's contagious, haha. Additionally, the limited edition Pandora breast cancer awareness bangle is now available in Australia until the 31st of October, where it is retailing for $99 AUD. Yay, this one is definitely worth a closer look - you don't really appreciate the delicateness (delicacy? :P) of its details and the page effect until you see it in person! Definitely a great one for your nature bracelet, which sounds intriguing - what else do you have on there?Aw, thank you so much! I love doing the reviews and I can't tell you how nice it is to hear that you enjoy them. I had place three orders with charms at the plaza and today they called about one of the orders. All the packing and unpacking is nerve wrecking. The next Essence collection is going to be very pave intensive, I hear, so thankfully not my cup of tea! I say thankfully, as I really don't want to be starting another bracelet haha.I will get planning my next reviews! ^^ It's hard to get all my bracelets in one shot these days - I've added a few more new designs over the past year or so, so I'm not sure on the logistics aha. And I don't want to be judged haha! Have a lovely new year, too, pandora rings tanger outlet Sarah! I'm hoping to get it for my birthday this monthIt's weird about the Starry Sky bracelet and to be honest I don't know whether that's a mistake or not.